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Our Pastor


Apostle Dianne R. Welsh is the founder and pastor of Breath of God Christian Fellowship where she has ministered since 1990. She is blessed with a supportive husband, Booker W. Welsh, Jr. who is a co-laborer for Christ.


Apostle Welsh preaches, teaches, and imparts the Word of God by instruction and example. She is involved in the founding and continuation of many community outreach organizations. She truly believes that her greatest privilege is having the opportunity to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ through ministry.

Our Church


Our ministry is dedicated to fundamental Christianity as it is revealed in the Holy Bible.  We are devoted to bring unity for all who receive Jesus Christ as LORD.  Our aim is to lead others to trust and believe in Him for their whole life.  We believe that the Holy Bible reveals God’s great work among men and His holy Will for all peoples.  The Bible is the final authority governing our faith and how we live.  As the Church of Jesus Christ, we are under the complete guidance of God’s Holy Spirit.


DOVE Christian Family International Ministries ( is our covering and we are a part of a worldwide family of churches and ministries throughout the world.

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